Wine Cellar

The perfect end to what we hope was a wonderful day !

Is to relax in our Wine Cellar and sample some of the finest wines we believe that the Mosel region has to offer.

We are proud to have a totally unique selection of Mosel Wines and Liqueurs ,carefully chosen from the best that the local wine producers have to offer.
Our wines are available by the bottle and we also have an open selection by the glass.
For those wanting to know a little more about the wines from the Mosel we have organised wine tastings available hosted by Mike...., Advanced Reservation is Required
Once you have enjoyed sampling our selection of wines and Liqueurs they are of course available to purchase directly from our wine list.

Why not take home some memories in a bottle ?

All the wines are specially selected from independent family owned producers and made from single batches of grapes from a specific location or vineyard.
We aim to select wines with the very minimum or no added chemicals. The purest best quality wine with the best pedigree and known wine producers are what we base our reputation on. Our selection is continuously being updated and changes throughout the season

So enjoy our selection while they last.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you to enjoy an evening in our Historic Wine Cellar